Academic Preparation Real talk Sessions 

Previous years Academic Preparation Real Talks Session Included:

French Studies at UTM

Talk to Professor Claude Lucette Evans from the French Studies Department if you are interested in learning about French classes at UTM.

Learning from Alumni Who Have Been There!

This session will be a panel discussion with alumni who can share their insights about various topics from navigating university, tips on being successful, and sharing their UTM wisdom!

How NOT to Cheat! What is Academic Integrity and What you Need to Know!

Do you know how cheating is defined in University? Academic Integrity: What is it? And what do you need to know?

Transfer 101

This session will focus on providing you with essential information specific to UTM. We will cover academic information regarding course enrolment, your transfer credit assessment, and will provide you with a chance to meet other transfer students!

Get Real Strategies for Time-Management and Study Habits

Expand your time-management skills and develop strategies for efficient study habits for success at university studies. 

Test Your First Year Math Skills

Do you have three math skills to be successful in first-year university? This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to assess your first-year math skills and find out where you can get support on campus. 

Enhance your Critical Reading for Success in University Studies

Assess your critical reading skills! Critical reading skills are essential for your success in first-year University. This session will provide you with techniques and resources to adapt your critical reading skills for university studies.

Writing Lab Reports in Chemistry and Biology

Do you know how to write a lab report? This session will provide you with an overview for writing a lab report in first year Chemistry and Biology courses.

Critical Writing for University Studies

Do you have critical writing skills? This session will provide you with an opportunity to expand your writing skill and learn where to get writing support on campus.

Understanding Expectations Using Your Syllabus

How do you know what to expect in your course? Use your syllabus! This session will allow you to drop-in and play a board game, meet new students, develop critical skills for success, and have fun doing it!

Taking Hard Courses in University, Learning a lot and Becoming RICH!

Question: In your future career, would you prefer to be:

a) unemployed, watching TV at (your parents' home); or

b) interacting successfully with intelligent machines in a vibrant work environment and becoming rich?

If you chose b, attend this session!